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1986 :
The founder members of Vertige made the first ever Bungee jumps in France and Europe.
1988 :
Creation of Europe’s 1st bungee jumping center at Ponsonnas Bridge, Grenoble (France).
1989 :
Creation of the company Vertige.
1989 :
Preparation and drafting of the French bungee jumping regulations
1990 :
Creation of a bungee jumping center at Le Sautet Bridge ( France ).
1994 :
World bungee jumping record with a grouped jump of 14 people on a single bungee rope from a 60 metre high crane.
1995 :
Creation of a structure for production of bungee ropes
1995 :
Tests and controls of bungee ropes by an independent laboratory.

Since 1989 :
Creation of bungee jumping centers and sales cooperation with bungee jumping firms in the following countries: Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Turkey, Lebanon, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, ...
. All the BUNGEE ROPES used by Vertige Aventures were controlled and were tested for 500 jumps by the APAVE LYONNAISE, independent laboratory.
Vertige Aventures is the only French and European firm to have made made out a will and to control its bungee ropes and to be able to protect himself this level of safety.
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