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Vertige Aventures travels extensively round France and Europe in order to demonstrate bungee jumping from a crane.

This very popular and extremely spectacular form of jumping is a real crowd puller, and our crane demonstrations are a means of bringing this activity right into the heart of the city.


All the material used by Vertige complies with current standards in force.
The cranes used are 35 to 40 tonne self-propelled cranes with telescopic arms and a hook tackle clearance of at least 40 to 50 metres. To demonstrate a bungee jump from a crane, we need the permission of the owner of the site on which the crane is installed. The site must be completely obstacle-free and must measure at least 30 metres long by 20 metres wide. Vertige has taken out its own civil liability insurance for this kind of demonstration.


.All the BUNGEE ROPES used by Vertige Aventures were controlled and were tested for 500 jumps by the APAVE LYONNAISE, independent laboratory.
Vertige Aventures is the only French and European firm to have made made out a will and to control its bungee ropes and to be able to protect himself this level of safety.


PRICES 2006 ( for France )


8 hours / day

Prices (A) in euros before tax,

(fonction of date and place)

1st day

For each extra day

 Vertige Prestation (B) Fonction of date and place

1 400 €

Crane rental (C)

From   130 € / hour

(A) : VAT is 19.6 %

(B) : Except cost of rent of the crane

(C) : Rates given as a rough guide - The rent of the crane is directly made by you.


PRICES ( for countries other than France )
Consult us for a customised quote.

  • 2 qualified instructors to supervise the jumps.
  • The actual jumping material.
  • At least 10 to 15 jumps an hour for 8 hours/day of service.
  • Travelling, accommodation and meals for the 2 Vertige instructors.
  • The insurance covering our offer.
  • Sound system material (only if this material is available on the day of the demonstration and if the organiser has requested it).
  • 2 permanent staff on duty at the jumpers’ rigging out area throughout the demonstration during opening times (there are no particular responsibilities and thus no special skills are required).
  • Installation of a visitors’ stand and provision of a person in charge of this stand throughout the demonstration during opening times.
  • Material to mark out the safety area (barriers or such like).
  • An electricity supply (220 v, 3000 w) for the sound system (if available).
  • The necessary permits for the demonstration.
  • Crane rental.
    If you wish to receive full details, please phone us,
    fax us or send us an E-Mail.

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