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Vertige Aventures manufactures bungee ropes.
Since 1992 it has a bungee rope manufacturing plant based in Grenoble (France). Vertige, which markets its bungee ropes throughout Europe, is the only French bungee rope manufacturer and the only European manufacturer to have made confirm tests and trial results by an independent laboratory (CETE - LEM - APAVE LYONNAISE).


In 1995 Vertige Aventures made out a will and confirmed in 500 jumps all the types of bungee ropes of its manufacture.

They are the laboratories of control independent from the LEM of APAVE LYONNAISE, which realized attemps and confirmed results on bungee ropes, under the reference : CETE - LEM - APAVE 95.6.0075.1-2-3.
Trial conditions during tests in 500 falls were more binding than the normal conditions of use. For these tests, jump frequency was 1 minute and 30 seconds, fall factor equal to 2 and test weights greater by 25% than normal maximum weights used.
After 500 jumps the bungee ropes appear any degradation of their main structure and present the same guarantees of safety as the bungee rope in a new state.

Vertige Aventure is the only French and European firm to have made made out a will and control its bungee ropes and to be able to protect himself this level of quality and safety.

Detail showing the end of a bungee rope.  
Photo of a bungee rope.

The rope is made of 2 identical ends and an intermediate core consisting of round wires in natural extruded latex.


1°) Three kinds of bungee ropes are used according to jumpers’ weight :
  • type XS : for a weight of the jumper from 25 to 45 kg
  • type S : for a weight of the jumper from 40 to 70 kg
  • type M : for a weight of the jumper from 65 to 95 kg
  • type L : for a weight of the jumper from 90 to 120 kg
  • 2°) Length of bungee ropes :

  • 6 m to 50 m for 30 m to 250 m high jumping sites.
  • 3°) Elasticity of bungee ropes ( Tension applied to an elastic to obtain a given elongation) :

    For an elongation of 100 %:

    • type XS : tension of 100 kg

    • type S : tension of 160 kg

    • type M : tension of 200 kg

    • type L : tension of 250 kg

    For an elongation of 200 %:

    • type XS : tension of 160 kg

    • type S : tension of 255 kg

    • type M : tension of 325 kg

    • type L : tension of 400 kg

  • Prices 2006 are available on a simple demand of your part (thank you to contact by telephone or to us to communicate your mailing address)

  • A complete technical datasheet is issued for each bungee rope purchased (curve of elasticity, LEM - APAVE certification, utilisation range, date of manufacture).

  • Manufacturing deadlines: 10 days from the time of ordering.
    If you wish to receive full details, please phone us, fax us or send us an e.mail.

    45, route de Lyon, 38 000 Grenoble - France
    Tél : ( 00 33 ) 4 76 47 42 80
    Fax : ( 00 33 ) 4 76 87 72 88